Monday, March 16, 2009

Mulanthuruthy at a Glance

Multhuruthy grama panchayath is governed by Panchayath President and his council members. Mulathuruthy panchayah is consited of 15 wards.

Mulanthuruthy Block Panchayath is also located in Mulanthuruthy. Mulanthuruthy Blockpanchayathu comes under the Kanananoor Thaluk in Ernakulam district. under the jurisdiction Mulanthuruthy Block Panchayath there are 6 six panchayath. They are :

2. Chottanikkara.
3. Mulanthuruthy.
4. Edakattuvayal
5. Amballoor
6. Udayamperoor.


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Mulanthuruthy is a beautiful village town in the outskirt of ernakulam city. Mulanthuruthy also holds the Grama Panchayat and Block Panchayath with the same name.Located in the eastern middle part of Ernakulam District, the Mulanthuruthy area is blessed with unmatched natural beauty. You will find enchanting back waters, historic monuments, sacred pilgrim centres, magical festivals, spectacular art forms, splendid cultural heritage, spicy cuisine and unadulterated countryside life - all in this charming village.

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Locally relevant content is a need of time.This blog is an attempt to collect and disseminate relevant content about Mulanthuruthy, a village I loved so much in living in. I have put an effort to collect many a content relevant to Mulanthuruthy. Still I know that many parts are missing.Hopefully in the course of time, with help of like minded people, I may be able to develop this blog as a comprehensive one. :)

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